Follow our workshop to create a fish out of plastic waste and submit it to our online and physical exhibitions 



You must register and agree to our conditions to participate, if you're under 18 you'll need an adult with you.


Important info about the workshop

Alex and Sophie from Colourful Collective

Step 1

The Plastic Problem and Waste Brand Audit  

 Anine Cummins from Wicked Problem Workshops.

*NOTE *You'll find the brand audit assignment sheet and info in the School of Plastic Fish Manual.


Step 2


1. All participants must have their parent or guardian read and agree to our conditions and disclaimer (see registration at top of page).


2. Read the safety guide in the Manual, click the link below to download it.

The School of Plastic Fish Manual outlines important safety guidelines and also breaks down all the steps for our three fish-making tutes. 

Step 3

Decide how you're going to make your fish

You can choose to follow one of our three tutes (see videos) or you can follow your imagination and make up your own  design for a plastic waste fish.

Step 5

Submit your fish to our exhibition!

To submit your fish email the following  documents to colourfulcollective by the 01 December 2020

Submission Checklist:

1. Photo of your fish on a green backdrop

2. A Selfie

3. Your completed Brand Audit Sheet

4. Signed forms 'Photo Release & Participation; Disclaimer of Liability'

5. A statement about what you learned from the project.

Submissions due 01.12.2020