Colourful Collective  aims to build a collective consciousness around social and environmental issues, through artistic projects using plastic waste as the main medium.

Projects presented & produced by Colourful Collective, in collaboration with artists, environmentalists and asylum seekers and other community members in Melbourne



plastic Fish

5th June 2020 



BEFORE PLASTIC - A Colourful Collective documentary: 


DEBRIS (2018/19)


D E B R I S is a multidisciplinary performance inspired by urgent environmental crisis and the power of the arts to invoke positive reactions on how our mindless plastic waste and consumerism destroys our planet.

DEBRIS transports the city-dweller to an echo of a tranquility only nature can provide,  and interrupts this beauty with jarring imagery and sounds of plastic waste, reminding the viewer of those habitats which are most threatened by the colossal, destructive trail of plastic debris we are leaving in the world.

Past performances of DEBRIS:

Nov 2018 at Longplay Theatre

Feb 2019 at Magnet Gallery

Sept 2019 at Chapman & bailey Gallery

It is a stunning multidisciplinary collaboration weaving together footage of nature and plastic waste, a mini documentary with the elderly, hand-crafted recycled plastic costumes, plastic soundscapes, live music, dance and spoken word, to create a fluid and immersive performance.  

Independent artists coming together to raise awareness of environmental crises. D E B R I S is presented and produced by Colourful Collective, and features collaborations with stellar artists of Melbourne’s live music and independent arts scene.

DEBRIS collaborators

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Audience feedback & reflections

Colourful Collective


Watch our short film red carpet Entry for ACMI with our workshop series at Doreen Primary School

Curriculum Goals


To promote an ethical understanding around the problem of throw-away consumer society, in the context of social ecology

To encourage critical thinking around solutions to the problem of a throw-away consumer society.

To provide a foundational understanding of sustainable design & technologies by illustrating how waste can be a resource and discussing the circular economy. 

Colourful Collective 


​'Asylum Seeker' by Gordon Koang, featuring his cousin Paul Biel and Colourful Collective!

Colourful Collective loves to dabble in music and promote musicians from marginalised backgrounds, in late 2018 we held a concert in collaboration with musicians who are seeking asylum in Melbourne; Gordon Koang (South Sudan) and Mani (Iran).

*Update* Gordon Koang and his cousin were recently granted their permanent residency, and we are soo happy for them!


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Rose de La Montaña

Rose de La Montaña is a fingerstyle guitarist with a love for solo Latin American guitar music, where classical and popular guitar styles meet. ​Aside from her work as a soloist, Rose is also a dedicated private guitar teacher, and forms part of two exciting projects founded in 2018. Firstly as bandleader and manager of Hermeto Magnético, an octet who uncover the music of the legendary Brazilian improviser and virtuoso Hermeto Pascoal, and with Colourful Collective to present D E B R IS.

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