Colourful Collective is a social and environmental enterprise dedicated to sustainable and creative design, we repurpose and up-cycle post-consumer plastic waste to create high-quality bespoke products. Not only do we divert and recycle plastic waste from the natural environment, we educate and create awareness around the dangers of single-use plastics and a throw-away consumer society.

Tackle Australia’s waste crisis. We want to change the way people think about plastic by transforming the disposable into the precious.
Reach out. We aim to offer employment and collaboration opportunities to members of marginalised communities – especially refugees. 
Art for Change. We support a range of socially progressive creative projects with a range of environmental outcomes. 

CC was born out of the music workshops the co-founders conducted at Dandenong Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRCD), and the musical collaboration with musician and asylum seeker Gordon Koang. Inspired to do more for people seeking asylum, and to further address the barriers asylum seekers face entering the workforce, the co-founders decided to start their own enterprise that will one day offer meaningful, reliable and fair employment to marginalised community members.  

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